Monday, March 14, 2011

Hello anyone out there?????????
This blog is just random thoughts on my life and the rest of the people that share it.
I will try and not complain to much. And get right to it.
First off I want to say is that I LOVE my mom and that helping to take care of her has been a rare gift...Given to me from above....
and maybe I will write more tomorrow...



  1. I'm here my friend!! :-) I'm still packing up my old stuff and moving it, so I'll be updating a little here and there....meanwhile, I hope everyone sends a msg on FB when they're all moved!

  2. I'm here too...Had to change my browser to be able to comment here. Been keeping you in our thoughts and prayers...and your Mom too. Take it easy my friend.

  3. Hey Gloria...
    You might want to go to your settings function and turn out that word verification gizmo. With spam bloggers being improved, I don't thisnk we'll get the spam comments that happened on the Stream sometimes...Just a thought.

  4. hey Gloria, wanted to stop in and say hello!